Monday, January 14, 2008


Another cookie attempt failed...or did it? I'm really trying here. I love snickerdoodles. Love them almost as much as warm chocolate chip cookies. So I finally decided to try to make them. I found a recipe that seemed simple and painless. I made one substitution (Splenda for sugar) and I wound up with treats just like Dunkin Donuts munchkins, not cookies.

Damn it....all I want is to make a successful cookie. Not that these were bad, but where did I go wrong? Was it the sugar substitution? The only other thing that may have caused my non-spreading was that I chilled the cookie sheets and dough separately before rolling out the dough, rather than doing it after as the recipe said. I didn't do that on purpose. I just misread the directions. If anyone has an insight, please share.

This is the recipe I used from, making the single substitution of Splenda for sugar. I halved it and got 16 cookies, but I think they were too big. I could have easily gotten 20-24.

WW info:
2 points per cookie.


Female said...

mmmmmm delicious

CB said...

I am always lurking on your blog b/c its fabulous but I had to post about your snickerdoodle dilemma. King Arthur flour has a blog and they just did a sugar substitution experiment - Its not your fault! blame it on splenda! ;)

Sarah said...

I've made a cooking light snickerdoodle recipe and that recipe has you smoosh the cookies down with the bottom of a cup before baking them. I forgot once and got cookies that looked like yours. So maybe try flattening them before baking them next time.

EthidiumBromide said...

Yes, it was absolutely the Splenda. Check out these sugar cookies from Eating Well, made with 4 different types of sugar/artificial sweetener. The real sugar cookies look normal -- the Splenda sugar cookies didn't flatten out at all.

Amy said...

Hi Dori- been lurking for awhile! When I saw your cookies it reminded me of an article I just read in the Eating Well magazine, about sugar substitutes. I found the same article online. What I liked is that it shows pics of what cookies looked like cooking with the different sweetners.

Anonymous said...

Wow! These look amazing. WAY better than regular cookies! I would love to dig into a handful of those!

Dori said...

thank you everyone for the feedback! seems as though it was definitely the Splenda substitution, although i'm sure flattening them with the bottom of a glass before baking might have helped slightly. This will also explain some other baking disasters-turned-successes that I have had (like the Fudgy Chocolate Cookies which also didn't spread).

Anonymous said...

Okay I just stumbled across your blog today...I'm so freakin excited! I'll be testing out some of your recipes very soon. Thanks for the yummy food recipe's, pics, and point values!

MrsPresley said...

who cares if they didn't spread...they look delicious!