Monday, March 10, 2008

Pad Si Ew

My husband's favorite kind of take out is Thai food. And he'll only order one thing: pad si ew. So after much begging and pleading to me (the one who doesn't really like Asian food to begin with), I finally gave in and decided to make it. Of course, this required a special trip to the Asian supermarket for things like dark soy sauce (yes, there exists dark AND light...who knew?), fish sauce, and wide thai rice noodles.

I followed this recipe exactly, but something went awry. There definitely wasn't enough liquid to coat the everything once it was in the wok and keep everything nice and moist, and I kept adding more soy sauce and more fish sauce until it was so salty it was nearly inedible. I think next time I will stray from the recipe slightly and try adding some (low sodium) chicken broth to keep it moist.

1 comment:

gaga said...

That looks great, just like the restaurants! I love pad see ew.

I'd definitely follow your suggestion of low sodium chicken broth or even just plain water to keep things moist next time.

Looks great!